West Hendon Pre-School was established in 1979 and is a registered charity run by a committee of parents whose children attend the pre-school. We take children from the age of 2 until they are ready to move into their preferred school as a rising 5 year old. We aim to encourage the development and education of the children through free play and supervised activities, the pre-school is also a great environment for social interaction amongst the children, within a friendly and caring community based group. (Registered Charity No. 1030746)


Upcoming Events

Welcome Back!

After the Half term, we hope you had a relaxing break.

Freezer packs and Healthy lunch

Could you please make sure that your child’s lunch box has a freeze pack inside, we have been advised that this is the safest method of keeping your child’s lunch at the correct temperature. We are trying to encourage children to have a more healthy diet, so please do not put sweets, chocolate, fizzy drinks, nuts or crisps in their lunch bag. Thank You!

Snack Contribution

There is a weekly £2 contribution for the snacks and cooking ingredients. You may find it easier to pay in half termly increments, which can be added to your invoice, if not there is a list of the children’s names and a money box on the counter for you to cross off weekly. The cost for a child who only attends 2 sessions a week is £1.

Garden of Rest

For the new members of the pre-school who aren’t already aware, could we please ask that you do not let your child to walk on the wall outside the pre-school. This is a Garden of Rest and should be treated with care and respect.


As we are going into winter and cold season, could we please ask again for your termly contribution of one box of tissues and wipes, we have lots of little noses that need wiping!


Our Uniform for the children is  Navy Joggers/Skirt/Shorts, Red Sweatshirt, Polo Shirt (Any Colour), Red and White Checked Dress (for Summer) and Trainers.

Don’t Forget

Please label your child’s coats, jackets, Wellies, bags and bring a set of spare clothes!